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Still have questions? This is a good place to learn more about Facebook fans. Look at the most commonly asked questions before deciding on your purchase. We don't cheat on our clients and offer full information about the mechanisms of our work. Take some time to get acquainted with other people' concerns and let's make everything 100% clear.

  1. How can you guarantee the results?
  2. Some providers say it's impossible to guarantee the number of fans. But remember that not all providers are equal and use the same techniques. Companies that say it's impossible to give any guarantees are most invites and not fans. In this case a client can't foreknow how many fans he/she will receive. We use completely a different professional advertising platform. This is how we manage to market your page to fans-to-be and can guarantee the results.
  3. What your guarantees include in particular?
  4. We guarantee that you will receive the purchased amount of fans whatever it takes for us. We'll continue working in this direction for your 100% satisfaction. Nevertheless, there are some outer factors that we can't influence and that sometimes may cause insignificant delays. We always do our best to meet the deadlines, but sometimes simply can't help Facebook issues.
  5. When will I see the first results?
  6. The preparation period lasts approximately 2 weeks. This is the time we take to start your campaign. The first fans will appear soon after that.
  7. Is it possible to start getting fans at once
  8. Actually, yes. The average campaign will take 1-14 days to complete. It means that you may start viewing new fans immediately. The great news here is that the process has a long-term nature and is meant to last long after the campaign is officially finished. Your fans' friends will join the ranks and branch out further.